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About Event

Buffalo Startup Coffee ☕ powered by BootSector at Seneca One

You are receiving this invite because the Buffalo startup community wants to see you in person; yes you! It is a personal invitation from the volunteers of the community. All updates will be in the #buffalo-startup-coffee channel on WNY Startup Community Slack - DM Zack Glick/Jordan Walbesser/Megan Kelly or any of the wonderful volunteers if you need an invite to the channel, please.

🌞 This session is going to happen weekly until it doesn't. We'd love to help you overcome your challenges or advice where possible.

Everything old is new again. Back in 2010, a small group (a packed morning was 10 people) of startup-interested folks used to gather for coffee on Tuesdays at Spot on Chippewa. It was the accidental founding of Buffalo's startup community. Prior to the pandemic - Jack Greco and Clark Dever rebooted that concept and blew it up to 150 people a week. 

This is not that, but it is an attempt to gather the startup community under a chill spot to talk with the other members of the community, to encourage chasing the impossible, and to be there for the community. 

So come drink coffee with us, have a bagel with your favorite spreads, and invite every entrepreneur you know! 🚀



  1. Washington St parking fees do not start until 9 am. It is in parking zone 27, which costs $4/day.

  2. Seneca St  parking fees start at 8 am. It is in parking zone 17, which costs $2/hour.

  3. Pearl St, located south of Seneca St., parking fees start at 7am. It is in parking zone 27, which costs $4/day.

  4. Pearl St, located north of Seneca St, parking fees start at 8 am. It is in parking zone 17, which costs $2/hour.

Right at the Seneca Station on Metro Rail Station. Closest bus stops are Washington Street Seneca Street South (Stop ID: 156900), Pearl Street Seneca Street South (Stop ID: 142070), and Washington Street Exchange Street S (Stop ID: 156810)