Cover Image for Webflow Career Day at JRU
Cover Image for Webflow Career Day at JRU
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Webflow Career Day at JRU

Hosted by JP Dionisio & 5 others
Past Event
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Welcome to Webflow Career Day at JRU!

Join us for an inspiring and informative day designed exclusively for JRU Senior High School students who are eager to explore the dynamic world of web design and development. This event is tailor-made to introduce you to the innovative platform of Webflow and the exciting career opportunities it offers.

Event Program:

  • Talk 1: What is Webflow?
    Dive into the basics of Webflow, a cutting-edge web design tool that empowers you to build professional websites without coding knowledge. Discover how it integrates design and development in a visual canvas.

  • Talk 2: Careers with Webflow
    Learn about the various career paths within the Webflow ecosystem. From freelance opportunities to roles in top tech companies, find out how Webflow skills can open doors to new possibilities.

  • Q&A Session
    Have questions? Get them answered! This session allows you to engage with speakers and gain deeper insights into Webflow and the web development industry.

  • Break

  • Open Panel: Ask the Creative Pros
    Join a panel of seasoned professionals from the tech and creative industries for a dynamic discussion. Learn about navigating careers, remote work, and the impact of AI. Gain insights into overcoming challenges and essential skills for success. Don't miss this opportunity to ask questions and discover pathways to a successful tech-driven career.

  • Talk 3: Starting Your Career
    This motivational talk is all about taking action. Learn why there’s no need to wait for permission to start your career. It's time to take steps towards your future, starting right now.

Don’t miss this chance to ignite your passion for technology and design, and start shaping your tomorrow with Webflow today. Whether you're a budding designer, a future developer, or just curious about tech, Webflow Career Day at JRU is where your journey begins!

José Rizal University
80 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines
72 Going