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Finding Meaning in The Nature of Order

Hosted by Stefan Lesser
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I’ll be presenting my recent thinking on the cognitive science in Christopher Alexander’s work in the Nature of Order webinar of the Building Beauty program next Thursday, April 27th. Here’s my synopsis of the presentation:

Finding Meaning in The Nature of Order
A cognitive scientific perspective on Christopher Alexander

"The humane view of the ground as a psychological and structural phenomenon is undoubtedly more easy to accept. In this view we keep a view of the I as something in our experience, as a psychological ground, which exists in every human being: and we recognize that we cannot make a living building unless each one of its centers is connected to the structure of this self or psychological ground. Then the blazing one, the blazing furnace, which is seeable, reachable, reached by the artist trying to find union with the I, or reached by the observer who, through the existence of a living work, sees and makes contact with the I, makes sense as psychology. Even in that case, the blazing one remains as experienced reality."

 — Christopher Alexander in The Nature of Order, book 4, The Luminous Ground

Scratching the surface of various ideas from ancient philosophers Plato and Aristotle to more recent and contemporary scientists Erich Fromm, Alicia Juarrero, George Lakoff, and John Vervaeke, we will explore several perspectives on "the psychological phenomenon".

Can 4E Cognitive Science help us make sense of and find deeper meaning in The Nature of Order?

You are invited to join this presentation via Zoom. I will share instructions on how to attend shortly.

The session will be recorded and you will be able to find the video recording a few days after on this page.