Cover Image for web3 in context: applied ethereum use cases in Global Trade, Tokenization & RWA
Cover Image for web3 in context: applied ethereum use cases in Global Trade, Tokenization & RWA
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web3 in context: applied ethereum use cases in Global Trade, Tokenization & RWA

Hosted by Yorke Rhodes & 6 others
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New York, New York
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Join us for an enlightening Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Momentum event exploring the advancements in the web3 space through the lens of use cases.

The event kicks off bright and early at 8:30 AM sharp and wrap up by 5:30 PM, giving us ample time to delve into these pressing use case topics, updates on technical progress, and EEA announcements. Our hosts for the day will guide us through these complex issues and foster a thought-provoking discussion to leave you thinking about the rapid innovation and ongoing business usage of the capabilities in the Ethereum ecosystem.

This event aims to provide sense of the technical work through the din of the chaos while also delving into detailed use cases from member companies.

We'll explore how these elements intertwine, their impacts on our world, and potential solutions using #web3, #zkp, #DID #claims & #AI #blockchain. The location in Soho is published to accepted attendees.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to broaden your understanding of web3 and how the Ethereum ecosystem technologies can be applied today and in the future.

Yorke E Rhodes III, New York University Adjunct Professor in MS Integrated Marketing (Digital Concentration, Ecommerce, Global Trade); ​Cofounder of Blockchain at Microsoft since 2015 and current Director Strategy of Transformation in Cloud Hardware Supply Chain; ​Focused on the intersection of innovative technologies such as #web3 #AI #identity #zkp and humanitarian issues such as raw minerals, avoidance of forced labor and more; ​@yorkerhodes

Paul Brody is the global blockchain leader at EY where he's been leading & building the blockchain solutions and software business since 2015. Prior to EY he spent 14 years at IBM including work in supply chain management and as the VP for the global electronics industry. He built IBM's very first blockchain solution on the alpha version of Ethereum. Paul has worked at five startups, started his career at McKinsey and Co and has a degree in Economics and a Certificate in African studies from Princeton University.

Karen Scarbrough joined the Ethereum community in 2017 running the Houston Ethereum Meetup and Consensys in 2018. At British Petroleum Karen led innovation projects using blockchain, zero knowledge proofs on use cases from trading to retail. In 2023, Karen joined Microsoft, where her team has a supply chain finance blockchain use case in production. She is keen on keeping it on the cutting edge of Ethereum and privacy technologies. Currently serving as interim Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), she brings clarity & collaboration across the Ethereum and enterprise communities.

Dr. Carolyn Kissane, New York University Associate Dean and Clinical Professor; MS in Global Affairs and MS in Global Security, Conflict and Cybercrime; Founding Director of the NYU SPS Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab; Faculty Head of the Energy and Environmental Policy Concentration in NYU-SPS Center for Global Affairs; @carolynkissane

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New York, New York
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