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Subscription to Community Masterclass

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Subscription to Community Masterclass Information

This masterclass series is for you if you are involved in running a membership or subscription business and are struggling to keep your valued members (or worry you might in the future).

Everyone in this business knows that keeping your members is much more time and cost effective (and rewarding!) than having to always fill the hopper with new people (what we call the “leaky bucket syndrome”).

Never forget, all - yes all - subscriptions are a luxury.  So when times get tough and people start to question their discretionary spend, unfortunately subscription fees come under increased scrutiny.

Now is the time to make sure you have a rock-solid engagement strategy in place so your offering is a “must keep” for your members. Through this masterclass we explore how you can take your business from being a network to becoming a thriving community of enthusiasts and supporters. A place they just won’t want to give up.

If you are starting to see your retention rates decline or you just want to make sure you are ready if and when it happens, this course is for you.

We look at how by switching from a place of being in charge to one of collaboration and partnership you will achieve a step change in retention rates as well as creating a more fun, vibrant and effective offering for new joiners.   


"The course has given me the building blocks I need to create a community strategy within my organisation, and I feel confident I know the steps to implement it."

"This was a thoroughly educational and engaging course. Not only did I take a lot of practical insights away from it, I also met some lovely people along the way. I feel confident that by implementing and experimenting with the key learnings from the course, I can drive positive change in our business."

"Madeleine clearly knows her stuff about community and breaks down in simple, easy to follow steps how to think about starting to develop your own.  Sharing ideas and opportunities both online and live with others is a valuable addition to process."


​​What the fee covers

​The fee covers all modules, live sessions and access to our online community of your peers so you can connect with others in your field. (Note the community will remain available for all alumni after the course also).

Note: If you work for a non-profit and/or do not have a learning & development budget, please reach out. We are happy to offer a discount to organisations that might not have the budget.


​​We will launch the programme on 24th May at 17.00 GMT/ 12.00 ET/ 9.00 PT. There, you will get to meet the group, we will run through the course and enrol you in the community. It is not imperative that you join the launch but it will be a great chance to meet others and start to make those all important connections!

As we understand that not everyone can join sessions live and complete tasks at the same time, the course modules themselves will be available after the 18th May for you to work through at your leisure. We will, however, come together to connect, discuss the themes, knowledge, ask questions and share experiences on

1st June 2023 from 5pm GMT/ 12pm ET/ 9am PT

14th June 2023 from 5pm GMT/ 12pm ET/ 9am PT (note this a Wednesday rather than Thursday. All other weeks are Thursdays)

29th June from 5pm GMT/ 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Each session will be a mix of icebreakers, deep dives on some of our own offerings and discussions around some of the topics that have been covered in the course.

​​About your fellow attendees

​​People taking the course will all be running or overseeing a subscription or membership business or organisation. Attendees could be from a range of sectors, not-for profit or commercial. ​​

This is a small group in which we hope we will hold each other accountable so we ensure we all achieve the results we want. We know you are all very busy but if you can, please do join as many of the live group sessions as possible so we can build connections and learn from each other.

Some comments about fellow attendees from a past cohort:

"I really enjoyed meeting and learning from the other participants and their businesses"

"Sharing ideas and opportunities both online and live with others is a valuable addition to process."

About the host

​​Madeleine has 15+ years community, growth and marketing experience in the media, entertainment and professional services sector.  You can see more about her here.

​​Course outline

Session 1 – Why?

·      Why is developing a community so important for today’s subscription businesses?

·      What do we mean by community in relation to your business type

·      Who is doing this brilliantly and what can we learn from them – case studies you need to know about

·      Exploring your personal and company mindset around the concept of community – what are you comfortable with.

Session 2 – Clarity

·      Going back to basics – what transformation are your members looking for?

·      What’s important for your business – getting clear on your business goals, reporting and measuring needs

·      Member personas

·      Your community mission and value statement

·      Starting to craft your community offering

Session 3- The "how"

·      The How – which platforms would best fit your needs

·      Your resource needs - now and what you might need in the future

·      Metrics and reporting

Session 4 – Let’s do this!

·      Your launch plan

·      Engagement themes, incentives and promotional calendar

·      Reporting tools and plans

·      Timeframes and launch plans

Not sure? Why not register your interest and tell us a bit more about your situation so we can follow up with you.