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CatsTheFlag: workshop and networking

Hosted by n0rizkitty & Cody Muro
Past Event
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About Event

Let's solve the capture the flag puzzle produced by CatsTheFlag ( team ^(ΦωΦ)^.
The event venue is LACS Anjos, which is a fancy co-working place in Lisbon. It's just 13 mins away from the main venue of ETH Lisbon!
For application, could you answer the questionnaire below? It takes just 1 minute!
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Looking forward to meeting y'all! 😸

NOTE: If you're technical, come here at 13:00 and join the CTF!

🕰️Time Table🕰️

12:30~13:00 Open/Networking

13:00~14:30 CTF Time Recommended for developers/programmers/builders

14:30~15:00 Break

15:00~15:45 ”Hacking incidents in the real project" for all guests

16:00~18:00 Networking

18:00~19:00 Cleaning/Dismantling