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New Perspectives on Quantum Annealing with John Long (Hack-Q-Thon Workshop)



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This talk hopes to provide a friendly overview of what Quantum Annealing is and its application towards problems such as Graph Isomorphism and Topological Data Analysis (TDA) in contrast to the traditional problems that are associated with learning about quantum annealing (MaxCut, Map Coloring, SAT, etc.)

John Long is the Workshop Director for Quantum Computing at Davis (QCaD) at the University of California, Davis and a part-time Quantum Software Engineer for If and Only If (Iff) Technologies. John has dedicated himself to producing lessons and content that aim to make learning about quantum computing as easy and as accessible as possible. John also works with Iff to utilize quantum algorithms and devices to aid in the development of large protein interaction models, such as between the COVID-19 spike and immune proteins.

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