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Forget about those Get-Grow-Quick schemes. Building an online community takes time.

A wrong approach most founders take is consider community something to tack on as an afterthought, post-finding product/market fit. ❌

Join Adrian Sosebee, Founder of Healthy and Fantastic, on Monday, June 10th, 2024, at 11:30 am EST for an exclusive Social Media Community Building Masterclass. Learn Adrian's proven techniques for building and maintaining high-engagement online communities, achieving follower growth rates of up to 20% within six months.

⭐️ Guest Introduction

Adrian Sosebee is a seasoned storyteller and entrepreneur. He has edited 1,000+ hours of content for Radio One and Healthy and Fantastic. He offers consultation services in Videography, Video Editing, Branding, and Social Media Management. Dig into the early days behind communities that Adrian Sosebee has built in the last 8 years to understand how they got their initial traction.

⭐️ Who Should Attend?

  • Business Owners

  • Agency Owners

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Social Media Managers

  • Creators looking to enhance their social media strategies

⭐️ Why You Can’t Miss This?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Adrian's extensive experience in social media management and video content creation, with a portfolio that includes increasing client social media engagement by 30% on average.

  • Interactive Q&A Session: Participate in an interactive Q&A session to get your specific questions answered and gain insights tailored to your needs.

  • Exclusive Offer: Attendees will receive a promotional code for significant savings on's annual plans, offering up to 60% off.

Register now to revolutionize your social media community-building approach!

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