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Estimated number of attendees:100+


Co-host:Astar Network、ChainUp、Animoca Brands KK、Deloitte、CoolBitX、Skyland Ventures、GoPlus、Beosin、Webacy、Microsoft for Startups

Supported By:CoinPost、NFT Media、NFT NEWS JAPAN、Iolite、Cointelegraph、NFTStudio24、TOKEN ECONOMIST、BroadChain Finance、 1783Dao、ChainCatcher、EDO-1、Soudan、CryptoPath、JAPAN NFT MUSEUM、Samurai Guild Games

Venue: 31F Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access: 3-minute walk from Shinagawa Station Konan Exit.

Purpose of the Event

KEKKAI is a company that specializes in Web3 security products. We are planning to host the "KEKKAI CryptoSec Conference" as a side event of TEAMZ WEB3 SUMMIT 2023. Our goal is to offer participants an opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field of encryption security and foster networking among professionals in the Web3 industry.

At this year's EthGlobal Tokyo, TEAMZ Web3 Summit, and various side events, many Web3 professionals gained new experiences and achieved growth. Distinguished foreign experts in the Web3 industry visited Japan and brought new opportunities and inspiration to the Japanese Web3 industry in terms of technology applications, market demands, resource sharing, and more.

Our networking event and "KEKKAI ZONE" held in April received excellent feedback. Therefore, we have decided to hold the "KEKKAI CryptoSec Conference" to share knowledge on encryption security and provide opportunities for industry professionals to form new collaborations.


Part 1

  • Registration(18:30〜

  • Opening・Introduction of KEKKAI(19:00〜19:20)

  • Speech

    • About 3 speakers(19:20〜19:50)

  • Panel 1(19:50〜20:20)

  • Panel 2 (20:20~20:50)

Part 2

  • Social gathering (21:00~22:00)

    • Snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Event hosts


We are a Tokyo-based web3 protocol that provides a wide array of on-chain security solutions and services. The total amount of crypto frauds in 2022 is estimated to be 490 billion yen, which is about three times the amount of the previous year, and is a major challenge for the industry.

In order to overcome this situation, KEKKAI is committed to providing a more secure experience to the industry as a whole and contributing to the improvement of the environment. Currently, we have released KEKKAI, a Web3 security plugin that enables risk detection through transaction simulation analysis, and an API service that enables NFT fraud detection and transaction simulation.

In the future, we plan to improve our current services and release products and services to improve user security from various angles.


KEKKAI Plugin Download:

Astar Network

Astar Network is the largest smart contract platform in Japan. It supports both EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments, enabling interoperability between the two environments through Cross-Virtual Machine. Astar's innovative Build2Earn program provides incentives for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps).



ChainUp is a company headquartered in Singapore that provides a complete suite of blockchain technology solutions for businesses. This includes both infrastructure development and ecosystem support. With a track record of serving over 1000 clients in both blockchain and traditional industries, ChainUp has covered more than 60 million crypto and blockchain end users.

The company has a global presence, with operations spanning over 30 countries across 5 regions. This includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and more. ChainUp's commitment to providing comprehensive blockchain solutions has enabled it to become a leading player in the industry.


Animoca Brands KK

Animoca Brands Japan, established in October 2021 (formerly known as Animoca Brands Corporation), is the strategic subsidiary of one of the world's leading Web3 companies, Animoca Brands, in Japan.

The company was created to support the global Web3 strategy of Japanese IPs and their stakeholders, including major publishing houses, brands, education institutions, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game companies. Animoca Brands Japan provides a platform that combines IP and blockchain technology to support IP owners in building their own ecosystems through Web3 services, and serves as a bridge between Japanese IPs and fans worldwide.



Beosin is a leading global blockchain security company co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities and there are 40+ PhDs in the team. It has offices in Singapore, South Korea, Japan and other 10+ countries.

With the mission of "Securing Blockchain Ecosystem", Beosin provides "All-in-one" blockchain security solution covering Smart Contract Audit, Risk Monitoring & Alert, KYT/AML, and Crypto Tracing. Beosin has already audited more than 3000 smart contracts including famous Web3 projects PancakeSwap, Uniswap, DAI, OKSwap and all of them are monitored by Beosin EagleEye. The KYT AML are serving 100+ institutions including Binance.



CoolBitX was founded in 2014 with the aim of popularizing cryptocurrencies as a mature investment market, allowing everyone to invest with confidence and secure their crypto assets.

They provide technology solutions to the rapidly evolving crypto industry and its users, offering products such as the CoolWallet, a credit card-sized hardware wallet that pairs with users' mobile devices via Bluetooth, and Sygna, a compliance solution that simplifies the process for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to comply with financial industry regulations.



GoPlus is working as the "security infrastructure" for web3 by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services. GoPlus is building on the security data infrastructure and security service platform, making a safer web3 Ecosystem.



Webacy is the ultimate protection layer for your self-custodied assets. We’ve created a super simple solution using smart contracts to help you secure your blockchain-based assets using a three pronged approach: Assess, Monitor, Act.


Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub empowers and supports startup founders at every stage of their journey. It offers practical and actionable resources, including access to Microsoft's technology, expert advice, fundraising guides, product development support, mentorship, and networking opportunities.