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ZK Taipei #5: ZK Day

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About Event

​🎉 Excited ZK Day? You should be! We've got a morning packed with talks & a hands-on workshop. The real party starts in the afternoon with our Demo Day. 🚀 Our hackers have been coding up a storm for a month at Liberty Hacker House & can't wait to show off. Don't miss out!

​Morning Part

  • ​09:30-10:00 Doors Open

  • ​10:00-11:00 "Deeper diving into circom-mpz" by Nam Ngo

  • ​11:00-11:30 "Using Lookup Arguments in the Real World" by Soowon

  • ​11:30-12:30 "Mobile proving with mopro workshop" by Oskar and Vivian

  • ​12:30-14:00 Lunch Break (Attendees are free to explore local dining options).

​Afternoon Part

  • ​14:00-14:30 "ZK/MPC/FHE Moon-moon math is the next big thing" by Chih Cheng Liang

  • ​14:30-15:00 "Leveraging ZK proofs for spam mitigation in a p2p multi client environment | Waku with RLN" by Danish Arora

  • ​15:00-15:30 "Fastest proofs with gnark" by Emily Lin

  • ​15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

  • ​16:00-16:30 "A year of zk security" by David Wong

  • ​16:30-17:30 Demos Day by Liberty Hacker House

  • ​17:30-19:00 Buffer Time + End of Event

​Speaker Highlights

  • ​Nam Ngo: MPC Researcher at Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Explorations Team, specializing in Multi-Party Computation. He'll showcase his toolchain circom-mpz. circom-mpz is an interpreter that allows 2PC development using circom as an DSL, whereas the backend is mpz, a PSE in-house 2PC-GC framework (pioneered by the TLSNotary team).

  • ​Soowon: Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Explorations Team. Sowoon's research encompasses the use of lookup arguments in real-world applications, aiming to enhance data privacy and integrity.

  • ​Oskar Thorén: Independent researcher with a focus on Zero Knowledge Proofs. Oskar writes about ZK at, has recently worked on Nova/Folding Scheme, and is currently focused on mobile proving with mopro.

  • ​Vivian: Research developer at the Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Explorations team. Vivian focuses on Zero knowledge applications and had contibuted to UniRep protocol. Now she is focusing on mobile proving with mopro.

  • ​Danish Arora: Protocol Engineer at Waku and js-waku maintainer.

  • ​Emily Lin: Sr Developer Advocate, Linea,

  • ​Chih Cheng Liang: Research developer in PSE, contributing to the zkEVM project. He has contributed to the Ethereum proof of stake prototype and also the early prototype of zk applications like Semaphore and MACI.

  • ​David Wong: cofounder of zkSecurity, author of Real-World Cryptography, ex-security lead at Libra (Facebook) and ex cryptography architect at Mina (O(1) Labs).

臺北市中山區民權西路20號2樓-204房, It's in Happ 小樹屋

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