Cover Image for Women in Tech IBW 2023
Cover Image for Women in Tech IBW 2023
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Women in Tech IBW 2023

Hosted by Sumedha Muralidhar & 5 others
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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About Event

Hashed was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers in 2017, with a focus on web3 and blockchain technology. Hashed was started as its founders saw the immense potential of blockchain technology in not only the global financial system but also as a game changer of the internet itself. We, at Hashed, believe that web3 has the potential to usher in a future where technology empowers individuals, and not the other way around.

As an industry leader, Hashed co-hosts one of Asia’s largest blockchain gatherings in the city of Seoul, South Korea, Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), drawing in thought leaders and pioneers from across the globe in the blockchain space. Building on the legacy of KBW, India Blockchain Week 2023 is set to be India’s inaugural world-class, pan industry and multi-chain Web3 conference, hosted by Hashed Emergent. Scheduled for December 6 & 7, 2023, at the The Sheraton Grand in Bangalore this conference promises to be a milestone event in the Web3 landscape. It anchors a week of Web3 activities, including ETHIndia Hackathon from December 8th to 10th.

At Hashed, we believe that the true growth of any industry cannot be limited to half the population and are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion as essential drivers of industry growth. This is why we are hosting the "Women in Tech" panel, originally introduced at Korea Blockchain Week, and in collaboration with our community partner H.E.R DAO India, we are excited to bring this empowering event to India Blockchain Week.

Women in Tech is driven by a simple yet powerful "why" - it’s more than just a discussion; it's a dedicated effort to address frequently overlooked issues, offering women the chance to connect with accomplished peers, network, and gain valuable career insights. The aim is to create an open space for women to share their stories and connect over their unique experiences, forging a path of solidarity and empowerment.

Women in Tech brings together accomplished women representing a diverse spectrum of roles within the tech industry - from tech-founders and community builders to investors in the tech space and technology lawyers. They stand as real-time examples of resilience and success, overcoming barriers that persist in the field while highlighting the importance of full participation to ensure the tech industry's continued progress.

By participating in the dialogue at the third edition of Women in Tech, you're not just shaping conversations; you are molding the future,  transcending gender norms and paving the path for empowerment and transformative discussions!

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Bengaluru, Karnataka
146 Going