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AMA with Peter Ikladious (Unlocking Growth)

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RevOps teams are the strategic owners of metrics, routing, and lead definitions across the entire customer journey. They play a crucial role in orchestrating the moving parts that make up a PLS motion.

In this session of Unlocking Revenue, Peter Ikladious will be diving into frameworks for RevOps teams and leadership to optimize product-led go-to-market. 

  • 5 Step framework to layer sales on top of PLG motion

  • Tech stack and workflows to align self-serve with sales-guided motions

  • Establishing sales and self-serve swim lanes with proper routing and handoffs

About Peter

Peter Ikladious is a product-led growth pioneer who has been championing PLG for the past decade. As Co-Founder and Partner of Unlocking Growth - a consulting and training business specializing in product-led transformation - he has had tremendous success in helping organizations around the globe to unlock their revenue potential.