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Local-First Meetup Berlin #1

Hosted by Johannes Schickling & Steve Ruiz
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Berlin, Berlin
Past Event
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Johannes Schickling: Intro - Why Local-First?

Brief introduction to the local-first architecture by comparison to cloud-first app development.

Adam Wiggins: Local-First at Scale

Muse has been running a local-first sync system in production for over a year. Adam will share what they've learned in that time about the user experience, operations, and business effects of local first.

Geoffrey Litt: Riffle - Reactive Relational State for Local-First Applications

Riffle is a research project aiming to simplify app development by using databases for client-side state management.

Lightning talks

Jonas Kruckenberg: And this house just ain’t no home: How to built better software for humans

In a world where our lives increasingly depend on computers, our digital tools and homes demonstrate a clear absence of individual expression, flexibility and freedom. This is a quick look at end-user extensibility, it’s roots, sociopolitical consequences of it’s absence and what we can do about it

Anselm Eickhoff: Jazz - a framework for local-first data plus permissions

How I married CRDTs with client-side verifiable permissions (based on public-key cryptography). A first look at open-source framework and sync-as-a-service offering that makes building local-first, multiplayer apps really easy.