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Masterclass: How much should I ask for?

Hosted by Linda Garnett & Sharon Dann
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The million-dollar question… how much should I be asking for? 

One of the trickiest parts of negotiating partnerships is understanding how much to ask for. Too little and you risk having a negatively geared partnership, too much and you risk losing the opportunity and feeling embarrassed. Don't leave money on the table. 

Corporate partnerships should be priced on value. Do you understand your own value? Or what’s valuable to a corporate partner? Which valuation method will work for your organisation? We’ll share our proven methodology to help you work out what your partnership is worth and what you should be asking for. 

The masterclass will dive into the following key elements of pricing: 

 • Value 

• Importance 

• Appetite 

• Scarcity 

• Urgency 

• Alternatives 

Sharon Dann and Linda Garnett of Stellar Partnerships will provide insights from real-life corporate partnerships. You will learn what steps your organisation needs to take to establish your value to a prospective partner, what corporates find valuable and ensure that you don’t sell yourself short in a pitch. Join us for this 90-minute masterclass on. Book your place today.

My head is swimming with all this wonderful new information. Very practical and we’ll be looking forward to applying it in future. I think my greatest weakness is on what to ask to draw people out and you ladies are masterful at it! Lots to reflect on and implement to help us grow stronger.

J. Hunt, CEO, Pet Medical Crisis