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Cover Image for Restaking House
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Restaking House

Hosted by Restaking Cloud
Past Event
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About Event

Come join the Restaking House to discuss all things restaking. Hear from industry experts as they discuss the benefits of restaking. 

The event will feature presentations and open format discussions. 

Speaker application:

You may be asked to share your insight on restaking via a professionally recorded interview as part of our Spotlight Series. 

Topics Covered

  • ​The current state and challenges of extending Ethereum security.

  • The far reaching effects of restaking and hearing from those who are building the first protocols utilizing the new tech stack. 

  • ​How Restaking can be applied to both on-chain and off-chain operations. 

  • ​Use cases and potential benefits for various users, including oracles, relayers, L2s, DEXs, bridges, and rollups.

  • Programmable withdrawal credentials and their utility within restaking.

If you would like to speak at the event, please apply here. For a general ticket please register on

Food and beverages will be provided. 

This exclusive event requires tickets. All are welcome to apply. The location will be shared the week of the event. 

Hosted by Restaking Cloud

4150 St Paul St
Denver, CO 80216, USA
601 Going