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Sketchnotes Using AI 😲

Hosted by VisualThinkingSchool, Netherlands
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The wait is over...FINALLY WE HAVE an AI tool to make SKETCHNOTES !!

Join us for a UNIQUE and enlightening session on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the skill of business sketchnoting.

About This Webinar:

We will show you hands-on working on a recently developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can make digital sketchnotes on any topic for you in less than a minute.

What We'll Cover:

  1. Which AI tool to use: Tool which can develop sketchnotes for you.

  2. Many templates : Possible templates and situations.

  3. Demo Time: Watch AI tools in action.

  4. Success Stories: Businesses doing it right.

Who Is This For?

Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Public Speakers, Content Creators.

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