frankie VDAY virtual Wellness Retreat - Singles Track 💃🏻



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For just $5.99, you'll receive access to

  • 🥳 3 days of love filled activities

  • 📩Personalised frankie care package

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💃 frankie Valentine virtual Wellness Retreat [Singles Track]

Gain greater emotional clarity with our healing and wellbeing experts. Work towards building healthy relationships and falling in love with yourself.

Day 1: 1800-Love-Myself - Self-love Workshop 💌

What does it take to really embrace and love yourself for everything that you are? It certainly isn't loving yourself 24/7. Dig deep and uncover the ugliest part of yourself. Transform this into a source of strength and empowerment. Find out how with our expert - Ambra

Day 2: Community Talk Therapy - On Pleasure 😌

Things are about to heat up. It's time to ignore the stigma and celebrate the importance of self-pleasure. Uncover the ins and outs (😉) to achieve the best kind of stimulation.

Day 3: Reiki Healing Session ✨

You deserve this time to unwind, relax and find peace within yourself. Hwee is here to help you do that. With her expertise, you'll find yourself recharged for the night and ready for a good night sleep.

Day 4: Bonus Round 😉

We have a surprise in store. Tune in to this space for more details.

👯‍♀️ If you're coupled up, join our couples wellness retreat here: