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Increase Your Revenue Per Person | Craftsman Creative Workshop

Hosted by Craftsman Creative
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Measuring Revenue Per Person (RPP) is like taking your temperature at a doctor's visit.

You can quickly identify if a business is working, and profitable, and if those running it have fulfillment or stress as the main emotion throughout the workday.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, you'll learn how to measure the RPP for your business, what the ideal RPP is for your specific situation, and how to improve it to become more profitable in your business.

Whether you're a CEO of a small team or a solo creative entrepreneur, you'll learn:

  • What systems help improve RPP

  • How to build them out quickly and efficiently

  • The biggest constraint in your business today

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Daren Smith is the founder of Craftsman Creative. He brings his experience from 16 years as a creative entrepreneur and Film Producer to help others build profitable, bespoke businesses.

In each of these monthly workshops, we dive into the different areas of your business that help you build and grow. Past workshops include discussions on mindset, vision, outcomes, audience growth, lead generation, your product ecosystem, sales, and operations.

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