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2023 KnowHere Decentralized Social Networking in Singapore

Hosted by Airkin
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KnowHere is a short video social platform for the Web3 ecosystem, creating a fully connected ecosystem based on Traffic-Fi for all Web3ers. Currently, our APP has 500,000+ registered users, daily activity of about 3W, and the number of users that can be reached by domestic and overseas communities that the platform cooperates with reaches 100W+.


The event will revolve around the future trends of decentralized social interactions, delving into various aspects of this field and providing deep insights into the industry's future development.

Event Highlights:

In-Depth Exploration of Cutting-Edge Topics: We will focus on the future of decentralized social interactions, discussing topics such as platform content creation, sustainability of incentive mechanisms, and envisioning various aspects of industry development.

Guidance from Key Management Personnel: You will have the opportunity to engage intimately with our CEO and other high-level management members, discussing leadership insights and sharing your unique perspectives.

Showcasing Innovative Projects: The event also provides a platform for you to showcase your own projects, connect with like-minded partners, seek out business resources, and achieve mutual growth.

Relaxed and Friendly Networking Atmosphere: Our aim is to create an atmosphere as relaxed and enjoyable as a gathering among friends, enabling you to express yourself freely and engage in effortless conversations.

To facilitate event organization, please confirm your attendance intention as soon as possible. Should you have any inquiries or specific requirements, feel free to contact us.

Theme: the Future of Decentralized Social Interaction

Date: September 13th, from 700 PM to 10:30 PM

Location: 55 AYER RAJAH CRESCENT, Garden Gallery, SINGAPORE 1399494

Contact us: https://twitter.comknowhere_io