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Maintaining Founder Focus

Hosted by Lily Macomber
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In today’s startup world, distractions are as common as opportunities.  It is so tempting to be a “shiny object entrepreneur”.  It’s crucial for founders to master the skill of focusing on what truly drives their business forward.

This workshop is your golden ticket to proven and practical tips, designed to enhance your focus as you pursue your entrepreneurial journey. We’ve done it, we know how hard it is, and we will share approaches that actually work.

You will learn to:

  • Time-savings tips to reduce distractions and keep moving forward

  • Resist perfectionist urges and analysis paralysis. 

  • Leverage the value of your time to focus your activities

  • Relentlessly focus on Product/Market Fit

Join us at the Founder's Focus Workshop and take the first step towards a more productive and efficient future in your startup adventure! 

About the Speakers

Randy Shawn Fisher is an entrepreneur, business advisor, angel investor and consultant with a passion for customer-focused strategies. As the founder and CEO of Customer Discovery, Randy has helped 75+ startups and early-stage businesses gain valuable insights into customer needs and pain points, expand into new markets and profitable customer segments, and pivot their business models,. He also offers marketing strategy, sales coaching and customer success expertise.

Landon is an experienced founder, COO, strategic management and startup consultant. She spent 20 years in biotech in both technical and business roles before spending 10 years growing her California-based mobile imaging business to a successful exit by acquisition.

Landon brings a US entrepreneur's sense of urgency to her projects and is a trained project manager who can help teams understand and manage their launch,  sales, and growth processes.

Landon is on the board of the Canadian Women's Network which works with pre-Series A companies to help them think big and become "Silicon Valley Ready".  CWN then makes connections for investment and partnership in the Bay Area.  Landon encourages Canadian companies to think globally and consider expanding to the US and beyond as soon as possible to maximize success. 

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