Cover Image for Meta Monday: LAFW x #NFTLA
Cover Image for Meta Monday: LAFW x #NFTLA
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Meta Monday: LAFW x #NFTLA

Hosted by Bee Davies & The Edge Of Company
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​Join us on March 25th for Hive and Hollo's sixth event in our new series at FamecastMeta Monday — an exploration of cutting-edge projects from the metaverse, seamlessly transported into the tangible realm for an electrifying hybrid experience.

​This month the worlds of Los Angeles Fashion Week and Web3 collide. Hosted by Hive's Bee Davies and Paris Holland along with the Hollo crew at the Famecast Creator Brand Accelerator in Santa Monica, this is your exclusive invite to explore the cutting-edge intersection of style and technology.

​Imagine the runway redefined in the metaverse, where the latest trends meet digital artistry. We explore the topic with digital fashionista experts from NFTLA, Threadhaus and Holotopia, as well as artists Sasha Zabegalin, Jorge (Zen) Quintero, and Alexandria Morrow. Don't miss this chance to mingle with fellow fashion and tech enthusiasts, all while getting a glimpse of what's next in the ever-evolving world of fashion. See you there!

Famecast Creator Brand Accelerator
1533 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA
209 Going