Career Branding for Mid Career Professionals



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If you are a mid-career professional, you already know the importance of an effective personal brand.

Whether you are intentionally working on your brand or not, you already have a personal brand that people around you already associate with you. Your brand is telling people things about you - and not necessarily things that would make you proud.

There is a lot of advice on personal branding - however, most of it conflates personal branding with online presence.

There is a lot of advice on optimising your Linkedin profile, and getting more followers on Twitter - but social media presence is only one channel of communicating your personal brand.

In this workshop, I would like to share an alternate and more intuitive approach to Personal Branding. We will cover

* What personal branding is and why it is important for your career

* The essential elements of an effective personal brand

* A high-level overview of how to craft, communicate and consolidate your personal brand.

This workshop will be 75 minutes long, with 30 minutes of presentation, breakout sessions to help you capture and integrate key insights, and a full group Q&A session

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