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Cover Image for Musical Improv Mixer/Jam - Fairy Tale Sets
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Let’s mix it up!

At this jam we’ll mix people from different teams/classes, and then run as many practice performances as we can fit in 2 hours! All on some new, temporary, just-for-this-jam teams.

Mixing Folks

We’ll have folks from at least these few groups:

  • Charmony team 

  • Bad Karaoke Experience team

  • BIG’s Fundamentals of Musical Improv class

  • Highwire’s Intro to Musical Improv class

We’ll mix temporary teams the best we can, so folks from different teams and folks with different amounts of experience get to play together.


2 hour event

  • 30 min intro, including:

    • 15min general social mixer, as folks arrive. Try to chat with people you don’t know as well!

    • 5 min intro announcements / team assignments

    • 5 min team time, get to know each other, warm up together, mind meld

  • 90 min team performances

    • Each team will do a ~22 minute Fairy Tale format set. Conveniently, these teams and classes all do the same format! To review / get in sync together, check out our longform notes and handout.

    • If we have 2 teams, each team will get to do 2 sets, alternating

      • Team A Set 1

      • Team B Set 1

      • Team A Set 2

      • Team B Set 2

Who should come to these?

Anyone who feels comfortable enough to try performing in this jam is welcome to participate!

We recommend having done at least a bit of musical improv before, such as one of these:

  • Taken a few intro workshops, such as a few “First Wednesday” musical improv workshops

  • or Taken an intro class, such as the 4-week classes through BIG or Highwire

  • or Performed on a team, even if you haven’t taken classes/workshops.

This event will NOT cover musical improv basics such as song structure, scene-into-song, or the fairy tale narrative format. To learn those, consider coming to our workshops or classes.

“Can I invite people who haven’t done musical improv themselves to come and watch?”

  • As long as they know that these are practice performances, not regular performances, they’re welcome to watch!

  • These probably will be a lot of fun to watch! And having a very supportive audience can help amp up the energy for us. But! we won’t necessarily be at our best. We’ll all be focused on getting to know each other, gelling, trying new things, etc.

Will there be accompaniment?

Yes, we will have folks playing accompaniment (piano etc) for the speaking/singing performers.

Can I play accompaniment?

Are you an aspiring accompanist? All you need to accompany is:

  • familiarity with the song formats we do (which you might know from musical improv workshops/classes)

  • Comfort playing 2+ chords on any instrument

We’ll have a piano and some light percussion (shakers, wood blocks, etc).

Riverside Third Space
1530 Battery Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA
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