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Unlocking Security: Biometrics vs. Fraud

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The average fintech company loses $51 million annually to fraud. 

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, cases of fraud in fintech are also on the rise and causing staggering financial losses, damaged reputations, and regulatory challenges. 

Join Nicole Casperson for an in-depth discussion on fraud in fintech and how the world of biometrics plays a powerful role in reducing fraud across the industry. You’ll learn:

  • The ethical concerns of implementing biometric fraud prevention methods in fintech

  • The regulatory considerations to keep in mind when implementing biometric tech

  • Challenges associated with this rapidly-advancing technology 

  • And the fraud prevention success stories utilizing biometrics

Explore the ins and outs of biometrics and its role in fintech fraud prevention in this 45-minute discussion. Register below!

Nicole Casperson

Nicole Casperson is a journalist, podcast host, and the founder of media company Fintech Is Femme, leading the charge to create an equitable and diverse industry. With over 60,000 subscribers to her podcast and newsletter, Nicole is a trusted source of news, insights, and analysis.

​Before Fintech Is Femme, Nicole was a finance reporter, covering B2B niches. In 2022, she was named a Top Inspiring Female in Fintech by NYC Fintech Women and has been named a Top Influencer in Financial Twitter by and featured in the LA Times and Nasdaq Trade Talks. She is also a finalist for Fintech Nexus Industry Awards as a 2023 DEI Trailblazer.

​Nicole is a sought-after speaker, discussing topics like fintech, diversity, community building, and storytelling. She is also a regular contributor to, writing about topics that intersect gender equity, finance, and technology.

Frances Zelazny

Frances Zelazny is Co-Founder & CEO of Anonybit, a decentralized biometrics infrastructure (not blockchain!) that is breaking new ground in the area of user privacy and digital security. With over 25 years of experience scaling up enterprise SaaS companies in cyber, fintech, digital identity and analytics, Frances leads with strong vision and operational capacity. 

In prior roles, Frances has led marketing and strategy teams at L-1 Identity Solutions (now Idemia), MyCheck, BioCatch and most recently, Signals Analytics and CommerceIQ. Since her early days in biometrics, Frances has been an outspoken advocate for consumer privacy and the responsible use of biometrics and has helped craft regulations that guide the collection, usage and sharing of biometric data. 

Frances has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hofstra University and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from New York University.