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Find Your Hero within

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Join me for a hero’s journey.

Your journey to uncover the hero within you that you may have been hiding from.

🚀In this programme discover what your path through life is calling you to do.

🚀Sometimes we know that something is calling us to something bigger or more appealing to our inner world and sometimes we don’t, maybe because we ignore or don’t recognise the signals.

🚀Sometimes we put things to one side and think I’ll do that one day when I can find time or get round to it.

🚀And sometimes we have that inner knowing that the time is right for a change but we are still uncertain what that might be. The kind of change that moves the birds, the butterflies, the whales, the herds of animals from one place to another that makes them restless, something not right that draws their attention toward that uncomfortable feeling and sets them in motion, moving toward a place, perhaps the ocean, an expansive inner space where new possibilities emerge. (acknowledgement to Haven and Walters for some of the lines here).

 🚀In ‘The Top five Regrets of the Dying’ Bronnie Ware says that the biggest realisation on their death bed of the many she had cared for was “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

🚀Are you feeling stuck, unsure about your retirement years, and yearning for a life of purpose and fulfilment?

🚀Are you in the corporate world and ready to reboot your life in an exciting new direction?

🚀Or do you find yourself longing to explore new possibilities and unleash the superhero within you?

🚀Then this is for you but don’t take my word for it, read what others have said:

🚀“I was able to confront my fears, triumph over obstacles, discover my true purpose” RG, Texas.

🚀“…made me realise I’m not the person I’m going to be when I’m an older man…   …clarity to the responsibility to the old guy who I’ll become.” “I’m the kind of person who thinks he’s got things sussed out but it really gave me some extra insights.” KW, United Kingdom. 

🚀The hero’s journey workshop is an amazing experience that gets you to think strategically about your ultimate path in life, AND, and that’s the unique magic of it, helps you get on that path straight away through the different journeys.

I had a wonderful experience. I recommend it for anyone who is in between stories in their life and wondering what’s next for them. In a few hours, you will kick-start your journey toward your new life story. SD, France

🚀This programme is unique and for a short period only it is available at the bargain price of £250 before going on sale at £970 from Sunday November 13th

The programme covers 2 sessions which need to be taken sequentially (from the first session).