Cover Image for A Masterclass in Storytelling for Startups
Cover Image for A Masterclass in Storytelling for Startups
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Join the Primary team and James Vincent (CEO & Founder, FNDR) for a workshop at Primary HQ on how to craft your narrative, even when you’re still building the plane!

For over a decade James Vincent worked alongside Steve Jobs building Apple’s narrative for groundbreaking products. Since, he and his Partners at FNDR have gone on to help over 150 world-class founders from Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Evan Spiegel (Snap), Sara Menker (Gro Intelligence), Alexandr Wang (Scale AI) and Nicolas Julia (Sorare).

James is also the guest host of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Podcast ‘Leaders in Innovation’ interviewing some of the most transformative founders of our time, to understand how they think, how they innovate and what lessons they have to share.

This workshop will dive into some of the challenges faced by early-stage startups and outline the pivotal role storytelling can play in navigating an uncertain world. Narrative is the glue that can help you stay relevant and responsive because if you don’t define your story from the outset, culture will.

James will share some of the secrets to building a compelling and impactful narrative that articulate the big picture, whilst balancing the small details and everything in between. Brought to life by ‘in the room’ personal stories and case studies, you will walk away from this workshop with clear frameworks and invaluable lessons on how to tell your story with impact.

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