Leah Ferguson: Start and End Your Day With a Daily Note



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Event Information

In this session, you will walk away with:

  • How a daily note can act as a central hub to your day and ideas.

  • The benefits of capture and review as a daily habit.

  • Linking your daily note in Obsidian to notes, ideas, and external programs - Effortless ways to create logs and track habits.

  • Templates and Shortcuts (macOS/iOS) to help get started.

About Leah

Leah Ferguson is an experiential graphic designer, specializing in wayfinding and user experience in the digital and built environment. With a goal of helping people find their way and make connections in complex environments, she has used graphic design, research, and strategy to improve experiences.

Leah is an advocate for accessible and inclusive spaces, and believes that if she's done her job right, the experience should feel intuitive. Her work on airports has taken her across the world from Calgary to Singapore, and most recently, the Harvey Milk Terminal at San Francisco International Airport.

All the while, she spends her time geeking out over technology and automation, and finding frictionless ways to get things done.

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