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Q&A - Black Friday Preparation

Hosted by Paiame Shalalvand
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Q&A - Black Friday Preparation

We invite Kathi Donaczi and Andy Hochbichler from ATM Consulting for a Q&A about Black Friday. Both have long experience in influencer marketing at fast-growing DTC brands.

You will have the chance to ask your question!

A few questions that will be discussed:

→ When should we start with Black Friday activities in the DACH market?

→ Does it make sense to let influencers post before the actual black week?

→ How high should the offer be?

→ How many postings do we need?

→ How can we spend our budget the most effectively? How should we distribute the budget over the week?

→ How important is Cyber Monday?

​Have a great day and see you soon 🚀