PKM for Research - September 2022



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Researchers are knowledge creators.

​​​We consume knowledge, we play with knowledge, we experiment and generate new knowledge. So, knowledge management is not only a need but a MUST for any researcher. Yet, we talk so little about it.

​​​Well, not anymore...

​​September 4th - Introduction to Linked Knowledge (Closed Webinar)

​Do you love the idea of creating links between your notes (including in its paper form) but have no idea where to start? Join me in this Webinar to discuss:

  • ​How to take notes that can help you be more creative (we are knowledge creators after all!)

  • ​Differences between folder-based Note Management and link-based Note Management

  • ​What are links, backlinks and Maps of Content and how to use them

  • ​Examples using Obsidian, Notion, Scrintal, Evernote, Google Docs or even pen and paper!​ You choose the tool.

September 8th - The Research Roundtable at the Linking Your Thinking Conference

How can PKM support research? And how can research support the evolution of PKM?

Join me, Joel Anderson, Joel Chan, and Maggie Delano in this Research Roundtable as part of the Idea Exchange, a Linking Your Thinking Conference.

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​​​September 11th - Twitter Spaces (Daily Logs)

How do you remember the research decisions you made when it is time to write up your reports (or thesis!)? How do you reflect on your progress or where you need to go next?

​Join me and Leah Ferguson as we chat about the advantages of having Daily Logs in PKM for Research.


​​​September 25th - Twitter Spaces (Demystifying Atomic Notes)

What are atomic notes? How to use them? What are the consequences of how we define them?

​In this spaces we will chat about a few definitions of atomic notes and the downstream consequences of these definitions for PKM for Research. Do you work with atomic notes? Come and let us know your own thoughts on this topic.

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