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Fussy Eaters Webinar by Orla Walsh Nutrition

Hosted by Orla Walsh Nutrition
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Mealtimes can be a challenge for parents at the best of times. Throw fussy eating into the mix and now there's an avalanche of emotion at mealtimes. 

Our webinar can help create a more pleasant environment around mealtimes. We'll guide you on how to tackle picky eating head on, with a strategic plan. 

The goal is for one meal to be cooked, your child/ children willing to try new foods and more variety going into the weekly shop as a result. 

If you can't make the webinar, fear not, a recording plus supporting documents will be sent out to all of those that register.

Orla, who has experienced and overcome fussy eating in the household, was keen to work with specialist paediatric dietitian Sarah Nagle on this webinar.  Sarah currently holds the only face to face paediatric private clinic in Ireland. Together, we'll tackle this with you.