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4 Steps to Regulate Your Emotions and Create a Positive Team

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About Event

As a manager, you're often faced with emotionally charged situations and challenging team dynamics. But let's be real, sometimes it's hard to keep your cool and manage all those emotions.

That's why we've created a workshop just for you. Join Coach Matthew Koh to learn practical techniques for managing your emotions, improving your overall well-being, and creating a positive work environment within the team.

Matthew Koh is Wellbeing & Life Coach and has expertise in Positive Psychology. He has designed and delivered wellbeing and social-emotional training programs for Citigroup, the National University of Singapore, the Hong Leong Group, and more.

What to expect:

  • Learn to label and assess the root causes of your emotions.

  • Apply strategies to manage intense emotions effectively.

  • Use evidence-based interventions to enhance positive emotions and overall happiness.

Compact theory, interactive practices, and exclusive handouts. Let’s learn a comprehensive and useful technique to level up your managerial skills in just 60 minutes. This experience is best for:

  • Young or first-time managers who are not good at controlling their emotions when leading others

  • Professionals who want to improve their emotional intelligence and self-management

How to join: 

  • If you’re an individual joiner, register and get the Zoom link. You will get into a breakout room with other online participants in the practice session.

  • If you’re a group joiner, gather your team in a meeting room and get the set-up guidelines from FlexOS to moderate the event in person. Your team will have an opportunity to practice and discuss the exercise together.