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3 Lessons from Embedding Behavioral Science in a Large Company

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Ever wonder how you can incorporate Behavioral Science in your organization?

Jen Koo has done it—and the insights she gained blaze a trail for others to follow.

As a behavioral scientist & VP of Experience Design at one of North America's largest financial institutions, she overcame internal resistance and fear of change to bring behavioral science in-house.

The result? A cultural and organizational transformation.

Join this open event and get Jen's insight into how she embedded behavioral science practices in one of North America's largest financial institutions.

Topics on the agenda:

💡 How to use behavioral principles to build community foster shared goals
💡 Which workplace incentives actually increase engagement & motivation
💡 Why reducing barriers to experimentation is the key to innovation
💡 Tips to show decision-makers the value of behavioral science interventions
💡 Lessons from embedding behavior change in her company's DNA

Looking to improve your business and user outcomes? Don't miss this chance to learn from someone who's done it—and discover what our members are raving about.