Cover Image for EBCR Summer Party 2024!
Cover Image for EBCR Summer Party 2024!
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EBCR Summer Party 2024!

Hosted by EBCR & Ornella Umurerwa
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About Event

Dear Members,

Hope you are ready for an amazing evening! We will have a champagne and wine bar, drinks, and SKOL will provide us with free beer in the beer garden set up outside and food will be served by Atelier du Vin.

You also won't miss the football match between France and the Netherlands as ABG has set up a special corner for the football lovers. We don't want you to go home early—there will be amazing raffle prizes and the opportunity to continue the after party at Atelier du Vin.

Need a driver? We've got you covered; you'll find them at the parking of Atelier du Vin.

See you soon, beautiful people!

Akagera Business Group, Head office
Kicukiro, Kigali, Rwanda -1.965363,30.083791, Kigali, Rwanda
275 Going