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Feels Space presents: Exploring the Power of Sound and Emotion

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London, England
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Explore how sound can support our emotional well-being. Delve into research, evidence, and experience to understand the profound connection between sound and our feelings. Learn how sound becomes a unique tool for expressing and communicating emotions.

Live Visual and Sound Experience. Followed by Panel Talk + Q&A.

Moderated by Namalee Bolle.
Panel guest speakers - Javier Weyler, Tim Wheater, Cherub Sanson, Fiona Sally Miller and George Hammond-Hagan.

The event will be recorded and streamed; by purchasing your ticket, you give permission.

This is a wheelchair-accessible venue.
We are dedicated to creating an environment that welcomes everyone. If you have any questions, please email

Please arrive by 7 pm; we can not accept late arrivals due to location.

More information will be provided, including the location of the venue, when your ticket has been purchased.

About our host, Namalee Bolle (Host)
Namalee Bolle is a London-based artist, writer, and transpersonal integrative psychotherapist specialising in transcultural, mixed and multiracial issues. She is British-born of Sri Lankan and Dutch heritage, and her work explores themes of identity, intergenerational trauma and post-traumatic thriving. Her poem Dear White Therapists is published in the recent book Therapy In Colour: Intersectional Anti-Racist and Intercultural Approaches by Therapists of Colour. She has been published in The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Vogue and is currently writing her first book 'The Mixed + Multiracial Guide To Wellbeing: Navigating Family + Identity + Healing'  for Jessica Kingsley publishing, which comes out in 2025. 

Guest Speakers

About Javier Weyler
Musician, producer and sound engineer. Excess of 15 million records sold. Head of Production of music incubator 5dB, based in London and former member of British band Stereophonics. Music maker, sound generator and music designer, specialising in transforming ideas into excelling sound experiences and applicable sound concepts. Works collaboratively with artists and creatives to fuel creativity and amplify the sound of their vision. Constantly motivated to find creative audio identity in every project and combining and mastering a highly innovative development with a deep technical implementation.

About Tim Wheater and Cherub Sanson
Award-winning, internationally acclaimed musician Tim Wheater and leading sound artist Cherub Sanson have pioneered the field of transformational sound together for almost a decade. Tim is considered a forefather of sound healing, one of the few who introduced it to the West in 1982. Often referred to as the masters of high frequency, Tim Wheater and Cherub are London’s most highly respected healing musicians, forging the way for today's sound therapy movement.

Fiona Sally Miller
Engaged in a PhD program funded by Leverhulme's Sensation and Perception to Awareness Doctoral Scholarship Programme, Fiona explores the intersection of music and neuroscience, focusing on the impact of audible frequencies on the mind, brain, and body. Her research aims to leverage sound to enhance autonomic health and improve self-regulation. She uses a combination of physiological measurements and microphenomenology interview methods to investigate how music influences biosignals and subjective experiences. With a background in music, including an MA in Sonic Arts and Composition, Fiona brings an interdisciplinary perspective to her work. Inspired by her experience collaborating with a music streaming service client during her time in advertising, she is passionate about exploring the therapeutic potential of sound. Fiona's ultimate goal is to contribute to developing evidence-based interventions that harness the power of sound to improve well-being.

About Feels Space
Founded in 2023 by Jasmin Harsono, joining forces with Claire Roth, George Hammond-Hagan, and Almira Alidon, Feels Space brings you distinctive and immersive experiences, installations, and soundscapes. These creations blend healing and sensory elements, fostering a profound connection with one's emotions and senses.
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Feels Space Team
About Jasmin Harsono (Founder + Creative Director, Feel Space)
Jasmin is a London-born entrepreneur of mixed heritage who stands as an influential force with an indomitable passion for music, sound, and wellness. She earned esteemed industry recognition, notably as a finalist for the Allbright BrightList Wellness Pioneer award in 2023. Having a degree in Music and Media Management, she brings a wealth of experience, including roles in TV music and Fashion production. Jasmin is distinguished as a multi-sensory artist specialising in crafting captivating experiences that profoundly engage the senses. She is a meditation teacher and practitioner, specialising in energy, sound and the voice. In 2017, she founded the international wellness brand Emerald and Tiger, a trailblazer in corporate wellness and brand activation.  Notably, her international book, 'Self Reiki', published by DK, further solidifies her impact on the wellness landscape. In 2023, Feels Space was created to delve deeper into healing and sensory experiences by curating immersive experiences, installations, and certified soundscapes.

About George Hammond-Hagan (Co-Founder + Music and Sound Director, Feels Space) + Guest Speaker
George Hammond-Hagan is a songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur with roots in the 90s music scene. Opening for Boys II Men, writing for Salt-N-Pepa, and winning an Ivor Novello Award, he's always been a dream-chaser. Beyond music, he founded the award-winning ed-tech business Studytracks, securing 1.8 million euros of funding and gaining BBC and Sky News features. George's journey led him to explore the therapeutic power of sound, resulting in the creation of The Sound Shift with Almira. Together, they bring positive shifts through sound, breath, meditation, and mindset, recently crafting soundscapes for a major tech brand.

About Almira Alidon (Co-Founder + Project Director, Feels Space)
Almira Alidon has been working with HNWs, CEOs and Creatives for 20+ years, helping to manage various businesses and charities and organising many large (and small) projects, budgets and international events. Following a passion for personal development and a spiritual path, Almira has also trained in sound healing, meditation, and rituals, as well as studied various wisdom traditions. Almira currently balances motherhood, a small Family, and growing the co-founded business, The Sound Shift, which offers sound and well-being experiences in various London studios for a range of corporate and private clients and through international retreats in places such as Morocco, Italy and Costa Rica.

About Claire Roth (Co-Founder + International Partnerships Director, Feels Space)
Claire is a trained mechanical engineer and Event and Entertainment Director who has cultivated a career fueled by a passion for creation, spanning diverse locations from the MENA region to Asia, Canada, and French Guiana. Her journey has involved producing experiences for inspiring brands, and since 2002, she has built a global network, including influential figures in the music industry. In 2007, she co-created Wicked, Unique Structures; in 2010, she co-founded Flow Air & Power. Engaging in the music charity sector, Claire co-founded Voice for Nyala, an emergency call-to-action project in Sudan, and currently serves as the Live Musical Director and strategist for I am Guardian Foundation. Claire's company, Roth Events, has garnered an impressive clientele, including HSBC Bank, Emirates Airline, EFG Hermes, Tiffany, Besix, Lexus, Mubadala, Scuderia Ferrari, and more. Her unique blend of engineering expertise and creative flair establishes her as a dynamic force across various industries.

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London, England
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