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The 5W's with Ben Crothers

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie & Ben Crothers
Past Event
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How to Use the 5Ws to Increase Storytelling Power in your Presentations. In this workshop, Drawifier Ben Crothers shows you how to show your audiences more context in your visuals, by including Drawify elements that explain the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of whatever the situation is that you want to communicate. This achieves much more clarity and meaning. This is also an opportunity to inject drama into visual communication, by thinking about what you leave out of the composition.

Besides being a top-notch Drawifier Ben Crothers is also a professional sketchnote artist, graphic recorderauthor of Prestosketching, and founder of Bright Pilots. All initiatives to make working and living together easier through high-quality visual communication. Learn from Ben how and why the 5 W's are indispensable to make your drawings work!