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Dream Big, Psychic expansion Jupiter in Pisces season

Hosted by Tara Greene
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DREAM BIG, enhance your psychic skills, amplify charity work, and galactic dreaming.

Join me starting Thursday, November 3 in a Galactic Dreaming Spiritual Community as Jupiter re-enters Pisces October 27 for 7 weeks enhancing your spiritual, psychic and dream capabilities in community and contributing blessings and the innate knowledge of our spiritual Oneness while the Great Benefactor, Jupiter is in his watery home sign of Pisces for the last time in 13 years.

Pisces is the sign of spirituality, dreams, telepathy, dream healing, Lucid dreaming, archetypes, ancestors, Astral Projection, Miracles, faith, trust, visualization, Cosmic Consciousness, Oneness, Heaven, Galactic Beings, Angels, addictions, Shadow work, endings, Karma, art, creativity, shape-shifting, remembering your Galactic Self, imagination and Wholeness.

This is a RARE opportunity to heal yourself and dream together as a conscious dream healing community to complete major karmic timelines, to quickly move into mutual support and Oneness as we merge into Galactic cohesion beyond duality and the illusion of separation. This Cosmic Galactic healing Dream Group may perform miracles.

Your unique essence, soul and spirit are needed to be part of Healing your Personal, Collective and Sacred dreams of the Planet and in the Galaxy.

Join now. Payments can be made session by session. If you feel called to be part of the Dream Healing Temple email me and a financial plan and discounts can be applied.

A list of preparations and requirements will be sent to you in advance. If you have extra questions please email Tara at

Canadians can pay via e-transfer directly to or use PayPal and pay directly to the same email.