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Cover Image for DeCC Day at ETH CC
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DeCC Day at ETH CC

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Etterbeek, Bruxelles
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📍DeCC Day at ETH CC is the next event in the massively successful series focused on bringing builders, founders, thought leaders, and community together from across the web3 universe to build the foundations of a secure web3, unlock innovation, and make real-world adoption of blockchain a reality.

DeCC Day is an event filled with insights, where conversation and networking meet the exciting world of Web3, with a focus on privacy, innovation, and security. With Lisa Loud, the Executive Director of Secret Network Foundation as MC and an All-Star lineup of speakers, this is the one side event at ETH CC that you will not want to miss!

⭐⭐ The evening will boast powerful discussions with some of the best minds in the space including founders, influencers, and educators in topics such as: Data Security
Web3 Privacy
Achieving Real World Adoption
Making the impossible, possible
And more!

With a powerful line up of speakers, this event is certain to be packed with Alpha and insights!

Don't worry, after all the alpha is unpacked, we are leaving plenty of time for networking!

​​🤝🤝 Engage with thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to deepen your knowledge and understanding of how confidential computing can revolutionize crypto, NFT use cases, security, and digital ownership!

​✨ Come for the insight, leave with new alliances!

🍷 Drinks and food will be provided.

The location and exact time of opening will be revealed to registered participants

*Hosted by Secret Network and sponsored by Silentswap, Aleph Zero, and Phala Network! (stay tuned for more.

*Hosted by Secret Network and sponsored by Silentswap, Aleph Zero, and Phala Network! (stay tuned for more.

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​​About Secret Network

​Secret Network is a layer 1 blockchain built on the principles of Decentralized Confidential Computing, and enables developers to build decentralized applications with encrypted data, both natively on Secret and other blockchains through cross-chain communication, unlocking powerful new use cases for Web3. By using Secret's Confidential Computing Layer projects can create platforms and use cases that are simply impossible otherwise. And the best part is, they can build it on any network.
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​​About SilentSwap

​​SilentSwap is a decentralized, private, non-custodial protocol that allows users to swap crypto tokens while safeguarding their privacy. This platform is revolutionizing asset management with its innovative Privacy Cross Chain Aggregator, deeply rooted in the ethos of decentralization. Powered by the cutting-edge capabilities of Secret Network, this trustless, secure platform ensures you maintain absolute control over your assets. Embrace the future of asset management where privacy is paramount, and experience the ultimate control over your assets with SilentSwap.

About Phala Network

​Phala is a Decentralized Confidential Computing network that aims to be the Co-Processor for blockchains, especially focused on AI use cases and other powerful sectors that need data security in order to gain adoption in the decentralized web.

About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 that enables teams to deploy scalable, secure, low-cost, and ZK privacy-enhanced products across multiple verticals—from DeFi and gaming to enterprise. It has been created to help overcome the challenges associated with blockchain network's security, scalability, decentralization, privacy, as well as user and developer experience.

NOTE: Please be aware that while registration is open to all, attendance is subject to event capacity limitations, and registering does not guarantee a spot.

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Etterbeek, Bruxelles
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