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Talk with us: Connecting Innovators, Builders and Developers in Web3

Hosted by TinTinLand & 8 others
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Hong Kong Island
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Please join us in the "Talk with us: Connecting Innovators, Builders and Developers in Web3" event organized by TinTinland! We have invited excellent guests from DODO, Moonbeam, Kava, Celer, dForce, O3 Labs, Sui Foundation, Web3Go, RSS3, InsurAce, and ODAILY who will share their innovative ideas, product construction, and development experience in the Web3 field.

Whether you are looking to expand your social circle, discover new opportunities, or learn about the latest trends in the Web3 field, this event will offer a series of keynote speech and interactive sessions to help you gain a better understanding of Web3. Register now and let's have an open discussion to explore the world of Web3 together!

欢迎参加由 TinTinland 主办的「Talk with us: Connecting Innovators, Builders and Developers in Web3」活动!本次活动邀请了来自 DODO、Moonbeam、Kava、Celer、dForce、O3 Labs、Sui Foundation、Web3Go、RSS3、InsurAce、ODAILY 等优秀项目的嘉宾们,他们将分享他们在Web3领域的创新思想、产品建设和开发经验。

不论您是开发者、建设者或创新者,这将是与业内领袖进行技术文化接触,建立人际关系并扩大影响力的绝佳机会! 无论您是想扩大社交圈子寻找新机遇和新合作,还是想了解目前 Web3 领域的最新趋势,本次活动都将为您提供一系列的主题演讲和互动环节,帮助您更好地了解 Web3。 立即报名,与我们一起畅所欲言,探索Web3的世界吧!


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About the host

TinTinLand, is a global Web 3.0 development community for builders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.


TinTinLand ,一个面向建设者、企业家和爱好者的全球 Web3.0 开发社区。

About the partner


DODO is a decentralized trading platform driven by Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm.

Moonbeam (

Moonbeam is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform in the Polkadot network that allows for easy building of native interoperable decentralized applications.

dForce (

dForce is a complete decentralized financial protocol covering assets, lending, and trading, serving as the DeFi infrastructure in Web3.

Sui (

Sui is a borderless platform for building rich and dynamic on-chain assets from games to finance.

BNB Chain (

BNB Chain is the best blockchain for Web3 dApps with a large user base. Developers can easily build with tutorials, grants, and ecosystem support.

Kava (

Kava is a decentralized blockchain that combines the speed and interoperability of Cosmos with the developer power of Ethereum.

Web3Go (

Web3Go is a multi-chain data analytics automation and data service provider.

Celer Network (

Celer is an interoperable protocol for blockchain, providing one-click user experience to access tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, governance, and more across multiple chains.

Rss3 (

Rss3 is the first open Internet search engine that enables quick and easy access to dozens of DeFi protocols, social protocols, and social content sources to find what you're looking for.

SharkTeam (

The SharkTeam has extensive Web3 security service experience, providing smart contract audits, on-chain analysis, and other services to various projects.

InsurAce (

InsurAce is committed to bringing safe, reliable, and sustainable insurance solutions to the DeFi ecosystem to increase the confidence of crypto users and protect them from financial losses.

O3 Labs (

O3 Swap is a cross-chain DEX built on the top blockchains. Its token liquidity is both aggregated from the top DEXs on each chain and from on-chain liquidity pools deployed by O3 Labs.

Odaily (

Odaily is a leading Web3.0 industry content platform in the Asia-Pacific region, with an exclusive strategic partnership with 36Kr, focusing on news, in-depth analysis, and industry research in cutting-edge technology fields such as blockchain technology, crypto, DeFi, NFT, and dedicated to serving industry-leading companies by providing integrated marketing services.










BNB Chain

BNB Chain是拥有庞大用户群的Web3 dApps的最佳区块链。开发者可以通过教程、补助金和生态系统支持轻松构建。




Web3Go 是多链的数据分析自动化及数据服务提供商。

Celer Network







InsurAce致力于为 DeFi 生态系统带来安全、可靠、可持续的保险解决方案,以提高加密用户的信心,保护用户免受财务损失。I

O3 Labs

O3 Swap是一个建立在顶级区块链上的跨链DEX。它的代币流动性既来自每个链上的顶级DEX,也来自O3 Labs部署的链上流动性池。


Odaily是亚太地区领先的 Web3.0 行业内容平台,并与 36Kr 达成独家战略合作,专注区块链技术、Crypto、DeFi、NFT 等前沿科技领域的新闻资讯、深度解读、行业研究,并致力于服务行业头部企业,提供整合营销服务。