Cover Image for Malmö Food Incubator Conference
Cover Image for Malmö Food Incubator Conference

Malmö Food Incubator Conference

Hosted by Malmö Food Council
Past Event
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About Event

​Get ready to witness the exciting future of Malmö's culinary landscape unfold at the Final Conference of the Malmö Food Incubator Program.

In this unique conference you will find new and more established food entrepreneurs in the food community of Malmö! Join us to give feedback to their products and try the food of Malmö's future. Some of the new food businesses are looking for more than feedback, maybe you could join their team in the future and be part of shaping Malmö's culinary landscape!

Join us for captivating pitches of visionary food entrepreneurs, give feedback, and network. This event is for you who wants to partner with new entrepreneurs, who wants to network with new entrepreneurs, who wants to give feedback and support new food business, or you who is just curious about new food! Get your ticket today and be part of this unforgettable afternoon to shape Malmö's food future!

There will be several opportunities to mingle and upcoming workshops for those who wants to start their own food business in the future! More information will be announced soon!

(As a participant of the program, you don't need to get a ticket)

Bredgatan 4
211 30 Malmö, Sweden