Cover Image for Flow x Consensus Hacker House
Cover Image for Flow x Consensus Hacker House
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Flow x Consensus Hacker House

Hosted by Flow Foundation
Past Event
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Get ready for an exciting week at Consensus with the Flow Foundation!

​You're invited to Flow's Austin Hacker House to connect with innovative builders, community members, partners, and the Flow Foundation core team.

​Register now to secure your spot for these awesome events happening at the Hacker House:

- Fireside Chats
- Demos & Workshops
- Networking & Podcasting
- Catered Food

Everyday, from 11am to 5pm, we have an open house for anyone to drop in and work from. You can build, brainstorm, and socialise with other Web3 developers!

Here's our full schedule:
May 28
Arrival day! This is when the team and scholars will be getting set-up.

​May 29
11:00am - 5:00pm Open Hacker House for drop in or co-working
12:00pm - Coffee Truck
2:30pm - Crescendo: A deep dive. A workshop from Sean Robb.
2:30pm - Evaluate Demo, by Christian.
4:00pm - AiSportsPro, a Technical deep dive & product workshop
4:30pm - The Economy of SocialFi, a workshop by Hudahaifah
5:00pm - BBQ Truck
6:00pm - An MVHQ x Flow Social

May 30
11:00am - 5:00pm Open Hacker House for drop in or co-working
10:30am - Flipside Data and Analytics Workshop
11:00am - A demo of Sift, by Anir
1:00pm - Workshop: Liquid Staking Bonds with Alberto
6:00pm - A dinner by Doodles Inkubator x Flow Foundation

May 31
11:00am - 5:00pm Open Hacker House for drop in or co-working

June 1
Closing up day! The team and scholars are using this day to wind things down and pack up.

​Flow's Crescendo Upgrade

We're excited to debut and demo Flow's Previewnet of Crescendo. This upgrade unlocks mainstream user experience and scale for Solidity developers and the full Ethereum ecosystem. With EVM equivalence, developers can deploy ANY Ethereum app to Flow without contract code changes. Don't miss out on the chance to learn, network, and seize opportunities to build with Flow. See you there!

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About Flow:
Flow leads the way in Web3 consumer crypto apps, with a community spanning over 25 million on-chain wallets and digital collectibles, as well as a cult following across platforms like X, Instagram, and more. Our ecosystem features renowned partners such as NBA TopShot, Mattel, Doodles, Dapper Labs, and many others. With over 450 apps and growing, Flow offers user-friendly applications prioritizing safety and eco-friendliness for users of all ages.

405 W Elizabeth St
Austin, TX 78704, USA
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