Cover Image for Legal Tech Lab Cologne Workshop
Cover Image for Legal Tech Lab Cologne Workshop
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Legal Tech Lab Cologne Workshop

Hosted by Matilde Moglioni & Eva Pottkämper
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Legal Tech Lab Cologne has always been at the forefront of the legal tech revolution. Our mission is to bridge the gap between law and technology, providing a fertile ground for ideas and innovations that reshape the legal industry.

RegisterFinder is our latest brainchild, a tool designed to streamline the process of obtaining commercial register extracts - a task often deemed mundane yet crucial in legal practices. This tool simplifies a time-consuming process, freeing up valuable resources for more complex legal task.

At the heart of our presentation, we won't just briefly showcase RegisterFinder, but rather our journey in creating it. How did a team of legal experts, without prior tech background, successfully develop a legal tech tool? This is the story we are eager to share.

Our insights are tailored for legal professionals eager to delve into legal tech or develop their own tools but may be unsure where to start. Our experience serves as a real-world example and a guide on this exciting journey. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share our learnings and experiences with you and the audience. Your insights and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

InterContinental London - the O2, an IHG Hotel
1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW, UK
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