Animating in Procreate (and Keynote?)

Mon, Apr 12, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM UTC


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I’d been using Procreate for a while to work on my Sketchnoting skills. A friend said that there were animation capabilities in Procreate. I didn’t even know! I tinkered, and I fell in love with animation, again.

I started my creative career as a 3D animator, mostly working in video games. I went from Animation to the technical side, then to Production. A long time passed along that way, and I haven’t animated in a long while.

Now I’m animating a lot more. I’m using what I’ve learned from Sketchnoting and setting out to animate instructions for mindfulness or mind-shifting exercises.

Join us as I walk through some of the animation capabilities of Procreate, and some of the tricks I’ve learned. Also, time permitting, I’ll show a technical challenge I encountered in Procreate, and how I’m working around it in Keynote.

Here’s the most recent issue of my newsletter, if you want to see a sample of the animations I’ve been making with these techniques:

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