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Founder and Investor Soirée

Hosted by Founders Kit & 4 others
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This event ended 100 days ago.
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Entropy Capital and Founders Kit is hosting an investor and founder networking event. Food and drink will be provided, this will be hosted at the Le Meridien in downtown Denver.

WHO: Entropy Capital is a new fund actively investing in web3 startups that are focused on bringing financial inclusion, leveraged finance into the mainstream. Entropy Capital believes the future apps of tomorrow will strongly emphasize service to the end user by leverage monetization methods enabled by web3.

Founders Kit: Our mission is to dominate the equity management industry across all major global jurisdictions. Our main page: and our app page We aim to become a significant force in determining the future of how equity transactions are most effectively conducted. In other words, we exist to support startup founders + investment firms in streamlining success by empowering teams to generate, issue, and manage equity offerings without writing a single line of code.
We help your startup receive sustainable funding while simplifying the onboarding and oversight/advisory roles of investors through a groundbreaking and easy-to-use equity/securities management platform.

WHEN: This event will be at Le Meridien in downtown Denver on the evening of Mar 1st 2023. 6 pm to 11:30 pm.

WHY: Time spent networking with decision makers is more productive 😏

WHAT: This event is typically for financial decision makers at funds and startups. However, everyone is welcome to apply and we will make space for as many people as we can include!

HOW: RSVP to this event on! Share this with your friends who would be a great addition to our guestlist. Then join us for a night of great vibes 🥳