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The Virtual Design Fair

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02/26/2021 update: Scroll down to the bottom for our list of guest speakers!

About the Virtual Design Fair

The “Virtual Design Fair” is an online career fair for students in and outside of the Interaction Design program at Sheridan College. People will have a chance to explore career options in design through questions and advice. Our goal is to bridge the gap between design students and industry professionals by creating a community and a learning environment through engaging workshops.

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Our speaker schedule is out! Please refer to it during your time at the event.

02/24/2021 update: Our schedule have been updated to condense our Facebook designers into one panel!

View the original file here.

How it Works

Doors will open at 1 PM EST but the event will officially start at 1:20 PM EST with a brief introduction to the event. We will be using the Zoom platform and each guest speaker will be provided their own breakout rooms as per their schedule and availability. Please refer to the event page for the itinerary of our fellow speakers!

Here are the fields of design we’ll be covering:

📱 Product Design/UI/UX

🎨 Visual Design

🎮 XR/AR/VR Design

🖱 Front-End Development

🎭 Experiential Design


📣 Product Design

Note: Unfortunately, Carlo Dormiendo (UX Designer @ EA) can no longer make it, but we still have other UI/UX/Product Designers coming to our event below!

Jessica Tam - Product Designer at Shopify

Jessica Tam is a product designer at Shopify working on the platform team focusing on making partners successful. She is a self-taught designer with a background in Legal Studies and prior to design worked in marketing. In her spare time, she runs a shop online selling stickers and illustrations called Ugly Cute Life.

Elizé Todd - UX Instructor at Adobe

Elizé is an enterprise instructor for Adobe XD and runs her own UX consultancy. She's known for making UX education fun and exciting through her speaking engagements and content on Youtube and Instagram. You can find her at @elize_UX.

Christina Weng - Product Designer at Facebook

Christina Weng is a business-turned-design student who graduated from the IXD (Interaction Design) program in 2020. She has earned reviews and recognition on products she has worked on at her previous internship workplaces: Microsoft Vancouver & Royal Bank of Canada. She was recently named Canada's co-op student of the year and avidly participated in international and national hackathons during her time at Sheridan. Christina now works at Facebook in Silicon Valley on the Ads Manager Core team, their primary revenue-impacting product.

Alex Thompson - Product Designer at Facebook

Alex Thompson graduated from Sheridan IXD in 2020 after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at UPEI in 2015. During her time at Sheridan, she competed in several hackathons, to which she credits some of her most important experience and opportunities. She now works in London, UK as a product designer on Facebook’s omnichannel commerce team, improving the ways businesses grow in our rapidly changing world. (@userologist)

... and more! 🎤⭐⭐


📣 Visual Design

Breck Campbell - Owner / Lead Designer @ Breck Campbell Design & Lyrical Design

Breck Campbell loves being a Dad; a creative collaboration of any kind, be it in music, film, art, poetry, design, or teaching. They have a special interest in typography and time-based media - especially title sequence design and typography in motion. Breck has recently been obsessed with hunting and collecting antique or innovative functional artifacts - made of glass. (Is that weird?)

... and more! 🎤⭐⭐


📣 XR Development

Luigi Cody Nicastro - Immersive Technology Developer

Luigi Nicastro, a Sheridan Interaction Design alumnus, is an award-winning AR/VR developer who believes in blurring the line between reality and digital spaces by crafting the right digital experiences. Luigi’s team has won the Best of Accessibility and Best of VR for our Unity Package Accessibility Toolkit at MIT XR Reality Hackathon. (

Ata Dogan - AR/VR Designer & Prototyper

Ata Dogan is a Sheridan Game Design alumnus with over 20+ awards in design. He has won various game jams and hackathons with a keen interest in AR and VR design. (


📣 Front-End Development

Raymond Ji - Software Engineer at Google Cloud

Raymond is an SWE working at Google Cloud Accessibility who dabbles in UI and digital art. Raymond is also interested in photography, team fight tactics, and sci-fi and Asian dramas.

... and more! 🎤⭐⭐


📣 Experiential Design

Claire Ironside - Interaction Design Professor at Sheridan College

Claire is a professor at Sheridan College specializing in experiential design, data visualization, 3D design, environmentalism, and narrative design! She's also really interested in thrifting.

Daniel Churchill - Interaction Design Intern at kubik

Daniel is a 4th-year Interaction Design student who is interning at kubik. He’s fond of visiting art exhibits, messing with Arduino, and rocking comfy sweaters.

... and more! 🎤⭐⭐


UPDATED: Welcome to the Virtual Design Fair! Our guest speakers are excited to have you. 🤩

View speaker cards here.

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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!