How to pivot into
 crypto and web3



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Day 1: Hiring and Being Hired - hosted by Propel & M13
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We're excited to start our event series off with a day focused on job searchers.

Zim Hang, COO at Saddle Finance
Aditi Sriram, Product at Celestia

Leyna Chiang, Operations at DOOMSDAY X
Abe Anwar, Founder of Superspace

Companies they're building:

SaddleSaddle is an automated market maker (AMM) designed to enable efficient trading between pegged value crypto assets. Saddle is launching with a tokenized bitcoin pool, allowing users to trade between and provide liquidity for tBTC, WBTC, sBTC, and renBTC.

CelestiaCelestia is a modular data availability layer built for rollups to utilize. Celestia doesn’t function like a typical layer 1 blockchain. Its only job is to order transactions and verify that the data being published is available. By taking this approach, Celestia achieves properties of scalability, flexibility and interoperability unmatched by previous blockchain designs.

DOOMSDAY X: DOOMSDAY X is a creative technology studio for Web3 artists and fans, focused on redefining culture on-chain.
SuperspaceSuperspace is an NFT community platform that empowers owners of character NFTs to collaborate and create the future of their characters.

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