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Petminded Presents Dog Science Week 2022

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Ready to Raise a Healthy and Happy Dog with Effective, Science-Based Ideas?

Join us for Dog Science Week 2022 - A Free 5 Day Online event sponsored by Petminded.

Taking place from March 6th - March 10th, 2022.

Free to Attend!

Build Strong Bonds with Your Dog, Support them through Challenges and Teach them New Skills to help them Thrive

It's challenging to find good information about our dogs — most dog parents don't have the time to read academic papers, watch TED talks or even know where to find the right experts. Plus there is a ton of pseudoscience and marketing noise that can cause more harm than good to our pups.

That's why we have invited 10 Top Dog Scientists and Experts to share science-based advice and actionable strategies that you can use right away.

You will hear from experts like Deb Pilley Bianchi co-trainer to Chaser the Border Collie who learned over a thousand words, Dr. Brennen McKenzie also known as the SkeptVet, Dr. Shelly Volsche from Boise State University, Alexis Devine dog mom to Bunny, and Otter from the popular account @whataboutbunny on Tiktok, Dr. Sarah Byosiere from the Thinking Dog Center, Bunsen, and Beaker the famous science dogs on Twitter and more!

What Topics will be covered during Dog Science Week?

  • Science-based dog training practices

  • How to teach your dog words using science-backed techniques

  • What is Dog Cognition and why it's important to understand

  • How to find reliable science-based information to make decisions for your pet

  • The role of scent in your dog's world and how you can use it to build a strong bond

  • Why Dogs make great Science Communicators

  • And more*

*Scroll down to see detailed session descriptions and speaker bios

What is Petminded and why do you offer Dog Science Week? 

Petminded is a community for dog parents who want the latest science-backed insights about their dog -- so they can give their dogs safe, healthy, and happy lives. We offer events, courses, and a membership platform where experts help you understand the latest research in dog psychology, behavior, health, and more!

We offer Dog Science Week as a free event because -

  • We want all pet lovers to have access to science-based insights so they can live healthier and happier lives with their pets

  • We want to support the field of Dog Science by bringing you the newest research, access to the scientists, and encouraging you to get involved in Community Science Projects

  • We want all animals to have good lives. We believe that science can improve animal welfare, not just for the animals we have at home but also those in shelters, in zoos, on farms, and in the wild.

If you are enthused by our mission and want to join the community you can email us for more information at

Schedule of Live Sessions & Speaker Bios

Join 10 Top Dog Science Experts and Practitioners to Learn about the Latest Breakthroughs in Dog Science!

Sunday, March 6

4 pm EST - Why Dogs Make Great Science Communicators with Bunsen & Beaker. Live on Twitter Spaces + Zoom Audio.

Learn about what Sci-Comm is and why it's increasingly important!

  • Learn about the role dogs like Bunsen & Beaker are playing in communicating the latest science

  • Learn how pet parents like you can support dog science by having and sharing fun experiences with your dog

Format: Q&A

5:30 pm EST - Dog Science Week Kick-Off & Trivia Night

  • Learn about what to expect at Dog Science Week 2022

  • Join us for a fun game of Trivia where you can test your knowledge of dog science, learn new things, and win some prizes!

Format: Activity

Monday, March 7

3 pm EST - Living & Working With Fearful Dogs with Karishma Warr from Calm Canine Academy

  • Learn how to help a fearful dog thrive with science-based techniques

  • Understand how applying dog body language can support a fearful dog

  • How to partner with your veterinarian to improve your fearful dog's quality of life

Format: Lecture + Q&A

8 pm EST - Unleash your Dog's Genius with Pilley Bianchi Author & Co-Trainer to Chaser the Border Collie. A step by step demo of how you can teach your dog new words with science-backed techniques

  • Learn how you can leverage the power of play and praise to teach your dog new skills

  • Understand the concept of errorless learning and apply it to your teaching sessions

  • Tips and Ideas on how to make learning fun for you and your dog!

Format: Activity + Q&A

Tuesday, March 8

3 pm EST - Living in the Mis-Information Age: How to find reliable, science-based pet health information with Dr. Brennen McKenzie

  • Learn how to tell reliable, science-based information from hype, marketing, and misinformation

  • How to find reliable sources of information on the internet and in real life

  • Develop a list of questions you can ask when unsure about information concerning your dog

Format: Lecture + Q&A

8 pm EST - R+ Dog Training: Combining Science & Advocacy with Dr. Valli-Laurente Fraser-Celin and Don Hutton

  • You will be able to describe what R+ training is and how it differs from other kinds of training 

  • The newest scientific evidence that supports R+

  • The Ethical reasons to use R+ training methods

  • What does R+ look like in practice (i.e. how to identify a trainer who practices these methods)

  • How to advocate for R+ Training IRL and Online

Format: Q&A

Wednesday, March 9

3 pm EST - What is Science-Based Dog Parenting? with Sonali Nigam and Laisuna Yu from Petminded

  • Understand what Science-Based Dog Parenting is

  • Learn how you can apply the latest scientific research to your dog's life

  • How to select science-backed products and services

  • Do a science-based activity to teach your dog a new skill!

Format: Lecture + Activity + Q&A

8 pm EST - Bonding with your Dog through Scent with Dr. Shelly Volsche, PhD

  • Learn about your dog's nose and its extraordinary abilities

  • Understand the differences between how dogs perceive the world vs humans

  • Do an activity to learn about your dogs' sense of smell and get ideas for training and enrichment

Format: Lecture + Activity + Q&A

Thursday, March 10

3 pm EST - Why Dog Cognition Matters with Dr. Sarah Byosiere

  • Understand what Dog Cognition is and why it's important to understand

  • Learn about the history of this scientific field, what we know so far and what questions are being asked by scientists

  • Learn how you can get involved in supporting Dog Cognition Research

  • Get a virtual Scientist led Tour of The Thinking Dog Center in NYC!

Format: Lecture + Q&A

8 pm EST - What's My Dog Telling Me? With Alexis Devine, Bunny, and Otter

  • Learn how Bunny the famous Talking Dog got started with button training to communicate with her mom!

  • Hear how Bunny's dog mom Alexis is combining her background in art with latest science to form deeper connections with her pups

  • Learn about the fun and the challenges that come with teaching your dog new skills

  • Hear how you can participate in the community science efforts Bunny, Alexis and Otter are supporting!

Format: Q&A

Bonus Session!

Friday, March 11

4 pm EST - Happy Dog Happy Hour with Dr. Emma Grigg

Dog Nerds need to unwind too ... That's why we are offering a BONUS session with Dr. Emma Grigg, Ph.D. and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist!

Emma currently lectures at UC Davis and is co-author of the book, The Science Behind a Happy Dog. She also teaches a course for Petminded called Helping our Aging & Senior Dogs Thrive.

  • Emma will share her top 3 tips for giving your dog a happy life

  • We'll open up the floor to your questions

  • This event is BYO ... wine, beer, tea ... snacks. Whatever make you happy :)

Learn about our Expert Speakers!

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