Cover Image for AI Poetry Slam: A "Leadership Journeys" Pre-Game
Cover Image for AI Poetry Slam: A "Leadership Journeys" Pre-Game

AI Poetry Slam: A "Leadership Journeys" Pre-Game

Hosted by The Reinvention Lab
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Austin, Texas
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First of all, if you haven't been to Big Picture Learning's Leadership Journeys, you need to check it out. Here's the link, register before it sells out!
OR, head to a happy hour hosted by our friends at Teach For America - Austin from 6-8:30. So many incredible options this evening!
Before you head to either place, head over to the Future of Learning House for a fun, goofy way to play with AI. At the happy hour, we'll create poetry using AI tools, present them to each other in true poetry-slam style, and discuss who wins the prize for poetry: humans or AI?

4:00-6:30pm: Happy hour beverages and snacks

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Austin, Texas