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What is Quantum Mechanics? with Amirali Malekani Nezhad (Part Two)

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You Will Learn:

1) The fundamental math of quantum mechanics from scratch in a simple manner, then see the idea behind each of the representations, make a simple quantum state, make a simple quantum operator, and perform a simple computation using the math 

2) The difference between quantum mechanical and classical systems


Quantum Theory as a Probability Theory, Mathematics of Quantum Theory using linear algebra and complex numbers, Creating a simple quantum system and comparing with a classical counterpart, motivation for future sessions 

Content detail : 

1.1) String Theory-What it means to have a quantum mechanical world

1.2) Representing the world through Linear Algebra-Vectors and Matrices (What are states, and how we can interact with them)

1.3) Probability vs Probability Amplitudes-How the new notion differs (Idea of superposition and interference through the Ramsey Interferometry)

1.4) Explaining all of the above using a vector of complex entries

1.5) An example of applying a matrix as an operator

1.6) Putting all together and explaining how we can construct as well as identify a quantum mechanical system

1.7) Motivation for the future session(s)