Cover Image for Agentic Markets Pre-game: LLM Routing
Cover Image for Agentic Markets Pre-game: LLM Routing
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Agentic Markets Pre-game: LLM Routing

Hosted by sxysun, Jason Hu & Edge
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San Francisco, California
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This is a small meetup for researchers and engineers building market places for agents. This session is specifically focused on LLM Routing.

Come and hear top voices from OpenRouter, Martian,, Flashbot, Edge and many other leading institutes in the field! We will also be hosting a pre-game for the Agentic Markets Workshop at ICML’24.

Learn about AI Marketplaces, Market/Economics Design, and network with industry leaders!

5:00 - 6:00 pm Door Open

6:00 - 6:10 pm Welcome Address Edge

6:10 - 6:30 pm Opening keynote Martian

6:30 - 7:10 pm Whiteboard talk on LLM Routing by Martian, OpenRouter and Flashbots

7:10 - 7:30 pm - Demo #3 Pulze.AI

7:30 - 7:40 pm - Closing & ICML Announcement Flashbots

7:40 - 8:40 pm - Networking

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San Francisco, California
209 Going