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T2B Ask Me Anything With Shirley Mao

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I’ve Created Viral AI Brands and Platforms in Life Sciences and Tech. Ask Me Anything.

BaiRBIE's in the house! Shirley Mao and her team, known for the viral success of, develop their own AI products and collaborate with change-maker tech and biopharma companies to push the boundaries of their digital brands. Her projects, such as the AI Photobooth for biotech conferences, the educational comic series #cellstories, and Trials.Co for clinical trial recruitment, highlight only a few of the emerging possibilities in our space with AI. This T2B Slack AMA session offers a chance to ask Shirley about her approach to AI integration, her process for developing AI-driven solutions, and how communicators can think more creatively about using AI in their work — even within the confines of our highly regulated industry. Bring your questions, gain a new perspective, and improve how you're leveraging AI in your comms workflows and branding efforts.


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Shirley Mao (MIT MechE, BioE) is co-founder of Rvnway, a design and product studio. She has led dozens of product launches, including a genAI product (15M+ users), a flagship suite of healthcare data products white labeled by Mayo Clinic, and multiple FDA-cleared health tech algorithms, medical devices and clinician-facing software. She has experience with clinical trials research and big data analytics at a global CRO, life sciences consulting (commercial and GTM strategy across payer, patient, provider, including pricing and market access for a blockbuster PD-1), and research and drug discovery at MIT. Shirley is also a nationally recognized artist.

Read more about Shirley in Forbes, and follow her on LinkedIn.